This advent sleep app, that can be dowloaded at this link, is really easy to install and use. The app will ask you just one permission to access to your iOS device’s microphone and then it will be ready to be used. You just have to select the time you want to wake up to Liam and tap start. You can even listen to a Sleep story if you would like. Liam’s app cost only $2.99!

All the proceeds from the sale of this app will go to charity. Liam has chosen two charities that he has been supporting a lot lately: UNICEF and the Trussell Trust. UNICEF is a world wide organization that for the past 70 years has been committed to the welfare of children in over 180 countries and territories around the world.  The main areas that UNICEF focuses on are education, access to life-saving nutrition, clean water, vaccinations, disaster relief, and protection from violence. Just two weeks ago Liam posted both on Twitter and Instagram that he is proud to be part of UNICEF Voices of Youth for Yemen. Liam posted also a link that brings you to the Yemen crisis page of UNICEF where you can place a donation and learn more about what UNICEF is doing in Yemen (article). And tomorrow Liam is due to perform at a benefit concert in support of UNICEF called the Changemaker (article).

Screenshots on the iPhone of Liam’s advent sleep app

Liam has also been supporting the Trussell Trust throughout the covid-19 pandemic, including placing a big donation back in March that was estimated to help provide 360,000+ meals over the following three months (articles). The Trussell Trust, which is based in Salisbury UK, is the leading charity in supporting food banks. Indeed, this charity supports a network of over 1,200 food banks across the UK! In terms of number of meals, it was estimated that last year the Trussell Trusts provided over 1.6 million meals to individuals and families in crisis. Unfortunately, the Trussell Trust had noticed, even before the covid-19 crisis, that there was an increase in the demand for food at food banks. This suggested that there were more and more individuals and families living under the poverty line or that they are food poor. This situation has now become worse with so many people having lost their job due to the economic crisis brought about by the pandemic.

Both of the charities chosen by Liam for the donation of the proceeds from the sale of his advent app are really deserving and need all our support. If you want to help them while adding a sweet routine to your day, head over to this link and download the app.